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Are you WINZ accredited?

We are a WINZ accredited dental surgery. WINZ may be able to pay towards or for your dental treatment. When booking your appointment, mention that you would like a WINZ quote and we can provide one for you after you have been seen by a dentist.
Please note that we ask for a $50 deposit towards your initial appointment - this will be refunded back to you once WINZ has paid for your treatment.

Do you accept Community Services cards?

Unfortunately we do not take Community Services cards. We are WINZ accredited.

Are you ACC registered?

We are registered with ACC.

If your dental treatment is the result of any of the following, it may be covered by ACC:

  • an accident

  • a sporting injury 

  • as a result of medical or dental treatment

Please note dental treatment will not be covered if the damage to your teeth or dentures is due to normal wear and tear or decay and gum disease.

Why won’t ACC pay for all the treatment cost when I have an accident?

ACC pays for treatment using a fixed rate which is not indexed to the cost of living.
Fees charged to us by technicians and laboratories for dentures, crowns and implants have risen with inflation and must be recovered.
Most of our ACC fees do not involve any further payment.
Your dentist will discuss this before treatment starts.

Why have I been asked to see your Hygienist?

At each examination your Dentist will check the health of your gums and note any conditions that are present.
Any problems will be shown to you and recommendations will be given.
If there is significant tartar (calculus) present or you have bleeding gums, you will be referred to the Hygienist.

Why is filling out a Medical History important?

Some medications may interact with the drugs we use and general conditions can make a difference to the type of treatments we may offer.
It is very important that we know your current medical history.

Can I see my dentist when I am pregnant?

Yes, a checkup is recommended in pregnancy but treatment is best kept to the middle trimester if possible.
Emergency treatment can be performed at any stage.
Amalgam is not recommended during pregnancy and a lead shield will be used if X-rays are necessary.

Why do teeth get cracks?

Cracks can be caused by decay, grinding at night, trauma or having a large filling which weakens the tooth.
The symptoms include sharp pain on biting and cold sensitivity. It may be difficult for the patient to pinpoint the tooth, but the dentist can often find the offender.
The problem can be fixed with either a filling or crown to prevent the crack opening on biting.

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