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Patient Comfort

We understand that some patients can find parts of dentistry overwhelming, scary or uncomfortable.

At Dentistry With A Smile our patient’s comfort is our first concern, throughout your visit.

Below are some of the ways that we can make your appointment more comfortable. 

Topical Anaesthesia

  • Numbing gel is applied to the gums prior to Local Anaesthetic being administered.

Local Anaesthesia

  • LA is used for routine procedures.

  • The effects last approximately 2-4 hours.

Intravenous Sedation

  • Sedation reduces anxiety and is administered via a vein, generally in the elbow.

  • Patients are unaware of the procedures being undertaken

  • Patients must be accompanied home following treatment. They are not allowed to drive or work that day.


  • A hand held inhaler is used to deliver the medication.

  • It reduces anxiety and pain and can be used before used Local Anaesthetic administration.

  • Penthrox is used for short term procedures and wears off quickly after use.

Please let us know prior to your appointment if you have any concerns and we will do our best to look after you.

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